Clean, freshwater is critical for human survival, short in supply and at the source of sustainable development.


- Who protects the planet’s most vital resource in times of climate change?

- What actions should the European Union take at the global level and at the local level?

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Please try to be as concrete as possible when answering the questions, the more in depth you go the more impactful your answers will be!


Totalement d’accord avec la proposition d’une eau gérée par un service public et les premiers mètres cubes gratuits pour tous.
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Tout à fait d'accord avec cette proposition intelligente et juste. Merci et bravo à tou.te.s
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l'eau est un bien précieux nécessaire à la vie, elle doit être préservée et chaque humain doit pouvoir disposer d'un accès sécurisé et gratuit pour les 100 premiers m3

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Mathias Ponton... In English not in French! : " I absolutely agree with Florence Pallot! " In my opinion there is a single watchword : public-service!

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je suis d'accord pour que l'eau soit gérée par un Service public soucieux du bien commun et de l'égalité, de l'équité d'accès et du contrôle de son usage ( canalisations en bon état, traitement sain, prix en fonction des revenus/utilisation)

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Totalement d'accord avec Florence Pallot !

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D'accord avec la proposition de Pallot Florence Vote 1

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Indeed the access to a drinkable water has been recognized by the UN in 2010 as a human right so water must be considered as a common good and not as a merchandise : it’s a necessity for humanity’s survival . In order to solve this problem, we must create a regulation on a European scale which must be written in the national rights of member states of the European Union according to their convenience . This requires that public authorities must forbide to entrust the maintenance and the exploitation of the running water network to private service providers. This first regulation will involve an inclusive and progressive pricing system without risking to propose to customers an abusive price. Indeed the first water cubic meters are necessary for human needs (defined by each member state according to the climate) and mustn’t be invoiced.Moreover a private service provider could impact the difference on the following cubic meter and too much water is wasted such as in France (1 out of 5 litres of drinkable water is lost in our channelings so that’s approximately 430 000 Olympic swimming pool each year). We must entrust the responsibility to a public service provider such as citizens.

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Following the steps that have been taken for energy saving in building across Europe, European Union should also take measures about water saving in private and public buildings and in industry. Renovation of plumping systems should be funded and every building or industry should have a water management plan.

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European Union have to do some changes with fiscal policy to protect the environment, for example to raise the car taxis(fuel, insurance etc.) after that will refuse the number of cars. Then, everyone who can't pay the taxis will use bus or train or anything else except car and I believe this is a good step for human survival.
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