The journey from education to employment - a never ending search for the first job.


- How can the European Union and the member states multiply investments to boost jobs for the young?

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At first, I believe the idea should be brought by the companies. If there would be more part-time office jobs offered alongside studies - it could be beneficial for both students, getting their first relevant experience and salaries, and firms, establishing networks with universities and recruiting potential employees from the young age. EU is doing good job with Erasmus traineeships and job placements, so these projects should definitely be developed further.

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That is real question, which EU should think about. * There could be some information of what position will be in demand in future. * There could be push for higher minimal wage increase. * There could be help for people who want to requalify. * There need to be fight with poverty, since poverty prevents from reaching education level. * We need to accept that proffesion will change over life, sometimes in dramatic way. And system need to support that.
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